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Here at Angel Couture it’s our job to keep an eye on the latest fashion trends in dresses.

From wedding dresses and ball gowns, through to evening dresses and dance wear, we love keeping an eye on fashion trends, as well as predicting what will be the next big thing.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at today’s fashion trends to see what people are wearing.

Wedding dress capes

At Angel Couture, we have a beautiful collection of wedding dresses that are inspired and influenced by a range of trends and classical designs.

One of the most popular fashion trends we’ve seen in wedding dresses this year are capes.

Although not essentially ground-breaking, with innovation and embellished embroidery, we have seen wonderful examples of wedding dress capes take to the aisles this year.

Eye-catching and memorable, wedding capes can bring an added subtlety to a silhouette, or draw the eye with a brazen, yet elegant extension.

Evening dresses with feathers

Everyone loves getting out and about in a beautifully embroidered evening dress, and we've seen some wonderfully creative and memorable evening dresses in 2019.

One of these trends is evening dresses with feathers. In fact, even wedding dresses adorned with carefully applied feathers are at the height of fashion this year.

A number of designers and labels are adorning their evening dresses with feathers this year, which are perfect for a number of special and exclusive occasions including red carpet events, award ceremonies, and weddings.

Ball gowns with ruffles

It goes without saying that throughout the centuries, ball gown fashion has changed like no other.

From the bustle dresses of the 1870s, right through to the hour and champagne glass designs that we know and love today, modern ball gown fashion is able to take inspiration from nearly every era in history.

In 2019, however, we've seen an exciting and varied collection of trends with ball gown dresses, as ladies take to the floors with beautiful ruffles, balloon sleeves, bubble skirts, and sunray pleats.

With that in mind, the general rule for ball gown fashion in 2019 was to be inspired almost directly from 1950s fashion styles, with just a few minor adjustments - shorter, and far more casual.

We’ve even seen these dresses worn with trainers and sneakers! But what you choose to wear on your feet, however, will depend entirely on you and the occasion at hand.

Keeping up with the latest fashions

One of the most frequent questions we get asked when people are searching for dresses is simply "what's in fashion at the moment?"

Of course, we’re always at fairs and fashion shows, which means that we've always got our finger on the pulse.

If you’re looking for inspiration, however, we always advise checking out the likes of Instagram and Pinterest.

Popular hashtags such as #weddingdress, #eveningdresses, and #ballgown are always there to give you the latest inspirations and trends.

You can even check out our own Pinterest and Instagram accounts to see our very latest pieces, or simply get in touch through our contact page for a quick chat.

Posted on Feb 12, 2020

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